Edmonton AA

Serving the Greater Edmonton Area

Saturday, November 23, 2019
10:30 AM
12:00 PM
10215 108 Street, Edmonton, AB


We decided on the following details for your presentation:

  • Content: Introduction, formal/theoretical presentation of AA, question and answer period, group simulation
  • Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Date: November 23 2019
  • Time: 10:40-12pm

This presentation will include:

- Introduction

- Formal Power Point

- Demonstration meeting complete with narrated readings

- Break out Q & A session  

- Final words

This event is considered a CPC event. The audience will include a wide variety of professionals. This is a great opportunity to learn. Lead presenter is looking for a co-presenter to split presentation duties.

The class is in the Singhmar Centre for Learning Building, main campus at Norquest (10215 108 Street Edmonton AB). The class number is 3-172 (3rd floor).

We can all meet at the main reception desk at 10:00 AM to ensure we are all in sync.

Contact Cordell directly to speak to additional details regarding this event. The slide deck is largely already complete and is available as requested for study and preparation. 


10:40 - Welcome

10:45 - Formal Presentation

11:25 - Demonstration meeting

11:45 - Q & A (undecided, smaller groups or whole class)

11:58 - Final words


About Our Students

The class is a mix of about 25 international and domestic students from a wide array of backgrounds. This course, Advanced Counselling Skills, is a requirement for the Addictions Recovery Practitioner Program. All students entering the program already hold a credential in a helping field like nursing, social work, medicine, etc. The official course description can be found on our website at: https://www.norquest.ca/cal/2018-2019/course/ADRP1015-advanced-supportive-counselling-skills.aspx


About the Course

The course description is given below for your convenience:

"Build upon foundational helping, interviewing, and assessment skills by focusing on approaches most relevant to substance use and mental health fields. Through simulation activities, refine your skills in the use of addiction assessment instruments, Transtheoretical model of change and motivational interviewing, and be introduced to other therapeutic and peer support approaches."



I have emailed parking at NorQuest to begin the process of securing your parking for up to 3 vehicles. I will update you on this when I have more information.

More details to follow on this.

As of November 14th, we have been advised that vehicle make, model and license # will be required to allow for 3 vehicles. Contact Cordell prior to the event to ensure these details are communicated to the parking coordinator at Norquest College. The event is on a Saturday and that will allow us to find free parking quite easily. 

Who is coming so far?

Lead Presenter - Cordell B

Co Presenter - Mike M

Participants - (Minimum 6 required)

1. Sheri-Lee

2.  Linda-Ray

3.  Jim H




Shadow - (Great opportunity to learn about CPC with zero involvement- all are welcome.)

1.  Dave P