Edmonton AA

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Responsibilities of the Policies and Procedures Committee

The Policies and Procedures Committee is responsible for:

  1. recommending candidates for election by Intergroup to the Elected Positions;
  2. receiving advance written Nominations, if available, for the election of the Elected Positions;
  3. establishing and maintaining Intergroup voting and nomination procedures:
  4. overseeing and conducting elections at Intergroup;
  5. establishing and maintaining an orientation program for all Intergroup chairpersons;
  6. in the event that these Operating Procedures conflict with the bylaws of the Society, proposing amendments to these Operating Procedures that would resolve the conflict;
  7. in cooperation with the Central Office Board, ensuring that the Bylaws of the Society are updated as the need arises;
  8. ensuring these Operating Procedures are fairly and consistently applied at Intergroup Meetings;
  9. preparing and administering an annual budget for operation of the Committee.