Edmonton AA

Serving the Greater Edmonton Area

Our 8th tradition states Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers. You can contact via email some of our special workers or trusted servants by clicking on their corresponding position link below.
Position Name
Central Office Manager - centraloffice@edmontonaa.org Pam L
Central Office Board Chair Ian B
Central Office Board Vice Chair Bryan H
Central Office Board Treasurer Peter H
Central Office Board Secretary Anne L
Central Office Board Director Ian G
Central Office Board Director Trevor Z
Intergroup Chair Judy M
Intergroup Vice Chair Larry R
Intergroup Secretary Lil C
12 Step Committee Chair Catherine C
Archives Committee Chair Pat L
Policy and Procedures Committee Chair Chris B
Group Services Committee Chair Ron M
Communication Services Committee Chair
ECO Newsletter Editor Jan D
IT Administrator Bruce S
Web Administrator Trina S
Web Master Wayne P
Edmonton General Service Committee (EGSC) Chair Lori L
EGSC Corrections Chair Lil G
EGSC Grapevine Chair Karen M
EGSC PI/CPC Chair Cordell B
EGSC Secretary Michael J
EGSC Treasurer Chris H
EGSC Treatment Chair Jason H