Edmonton AA

Serving the Greater Edmonton Area

The website shall operate under the auspices of the Communication Services Committee of the Edmonton Intergroup Committee. This committee is responsible for determining the site’s content and appointing trusted servants to manage its administration. 

  1. A web master will be appointed (or hired as needed) to manage the technical aspects of the web site and to provide consultation expertise as needed. The Web Master is responsible to the committee and the groups served. 
  2. One or two volunteer web content administrators (web admins) will be appointed to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the Web site content. Experience indicates that managing the site content, keeping local meeting information and other postings current can be time-consuming if only one person is responsible for doing so. This also provides some built-in redundancy in that one web admin can back up the other when he/she is unavailable to perform necessary website updates. The web master or chair positions may be able to provide the needed redundancy, if they are available and have the required experience.
  3. Keeping in mind that adherence to our Traditions and Concepts overrides the need to have technical expertise; an effort will be made to sponsor volunteers into the position of web administrator. We need trusted servants who know how we must work together in order to make a website an effective communication tool.
  4. The web administrators must have access to a personal computer and the internet. It is suggested that they have at least one year of sobriety.
  5. The web admins serve for a term of two years but may be reappointed for one additional, consecutive term of two years.
  6. The web master and web admins are authorized to make changes to the Website as deemed necessary within the limitations of these guidelines.
  7. The Communication Services Committee shall regularly canvass the membership of the Edmonton Intergroup Committee to ascertain whether the website is fulfilling its purpose.
  8. These guidelines may be revised upon approval of the voting membership of the Edmonton Intergroup Committee at the monthly scheduled business meeting.
  9. The Communication Services Committee will employ a web hosting company to host and maintain the website. The chair of this committee will act as the primary contact and liaison to the hosting company. The chair must provide the necessary credit card information to be kept on file with the web host company.
  10. At the end of their term, the outgoing Communication Services Chair shall provide the incoming Chair with a document containing valid server information. This shall include, but not be limited to, URLs, passwords, security information. The outgoing Chair shall also facilitate any necessary change with the hosting provider to change billing information, or introduce the new Chair as a contact and liaison for Edmonton AA website.
  11. The Website shall preferably be registered with [Edmonton] and "aa" in the name and be registered in the name of Edmonton Central Office Society.
  12. Edmonton Central Office Society is the named owner of the domain registration for edmontonaa.org.
  13. The billing contact should be the Edmonton AA Central Office Manager, however, renewal of the domain name and hosting service are the responsibility of either the web master or the Communication Services Chair.
  14. The technical contact for the Website's Internet Service Provider is the web master, or the communications chair if there is no web master.
  15. Technical access to the website will be limited to the above trusted servants (Communication Services Chair, the web master, and the web admins).