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Online zoom meetings are listed with blue links. Meeting that are Online but also meeting in person are listed with purple links. Please see the Meetings Notes below for detail information about any of the active meetings.
More DetailMeeting NameDay Of WeekStart Time Meeting Notes
Alano Ray of Hope Hybrid Friday 7:00 AMZoom: https://us05web.zoom.us/j/8157691224?pwd=TUh0bGoakdVV3FsbXAxUDNhUnNK Phone: 1-587-328-1099 Zoom Meeting ID: 815 769 1224 Password: 70058 Open meeting last Friday of the month Alley - Rear Door, Room 2 *** We Are Back In Person *** doors open at 7:55 **COVID 19 Social Distancing Guidelines observed
Tower Cancelled Friday 7:30 AM
H.O.W Online Friday 10:00 AMZoom: https://zoom.us/j/7809098881?pwd=160352 New meeting needs support!
Eye Opener Online @ Noon Friday 12:00 PMZoom: https://zoom.us/j/9071058823 Phone: 1-587-328-1099 Video meeting EVERY DAY at noon. PMI: 907 105 8823. Contact Stacey D 780-881-1255 for the password.
Grace At Noon Meeting Friday 12:00 PMMeeting in the room (in person)
ECO Nooner Meeting Friday 12:00 PMSuite 205, Members must buzz at the door to be admitted to the building.
Camel Noon Meeting Friday 12:00 PM 
Fellowship Nooner Group Friday 12:00 PMMeeting is in person. On the east side of the building, north of the chain link fence.
Jellinek Sunrise Light Luncheon Meeting Friday 12:00 PMSide entry of building into Basement Meeting room. $5 lunch available
84th Street Hybrid 1201 Friday 12:01 PM***MAXIMUM 30 people*** 84th Street Group, Use East door, Basement. Group is hosting concurrent online and in person meetings. * Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/8648670500?pwd=217778 Phone: 1-587-328-1099
Chapter - Off the Wall Meeting Friday 12:15 PMOPEN for ALL IN PERSON MEETINGS.
After One Meeting Friday 1:00 PMMeeting in person. Covid 19 protocols in effect. Masks required before entering building. Hand sanitizer available at door. We love you from a proper social distance. Please, if you don't feel well, stay home for now. We will see you in person when you feel better.
84th Street Beginners Meeting Friday 5:30 PM***Maximum 25 people*** 84th Street Group, Use East door, Basement.
Alano - Cornerstone Hybrid Friday 6:30 PMZoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8231085397 Phone: 1-587-328-1099 ****New Temporary Location***Alano Club - Meeting is in Room 2. This is a hybrid meeting - In Person and Zoom. You must wear a mask and keep 2m of social distance to attend in person. Will reference the 12 Steps & 12 Traditions.
IndoCanadian Living Sober Friday 7:00 PMMeeting held in Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu and English. Just north of Punjabi Insurance, north of the chain-link fence.
Grupo 11 De Febrero De 2006 Friday 7:00 PMSuite 209. 2 Hour Meeting
Sherwood Park Big Book Discussion Friday 7:00 PMEntrance to basement NW corner of building, east of Save-On Foods. Read the Big Book and discuss.
A Peaceful Path Meeting Friday 7:00 PM A woman’s group Step mtg focused on principals and promises for each step. Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9966227538? pw=329807
Chappelle Group Friday 7:00 PMEntrance to the meeting room is a single man door south east or just to the left of the main church entrance.
On The Hill Friday Night Cancelled Friday 7:00 PMZoom: https://zoom.us/j/7809195347 Phone: 1-587-328-1099 Friday night is cancelled indefinitely.
Grupo Renacer Friday 7:00 PM2 Hour Meeting
Leduc Friday Night Candlelight Group Friday 7:30 PMCandle light meeting. Open on the last meeting of the month
Camel - From Gonzo to Life's In Session Friday 7:30 PMCOVID-19 Guidelines observed. Maximum 17 allowed in meeting room.
Wetaskiwin Group Friday 8:00 PM 
Stony Plain Friday Meeting Friday 8:00 PMMaximum Capacity:30. Meeting is in the Bill W. Room
On The Lake Cancelled Friday 8:00 PMSuite #308.
Under New Management Meeting Friday 8:00 PMOpen meeting first Friday of each month. Masks are required as per SSUC (the church) guidelines.
84th Street Friday Night Meeting Friday 8:00 PMIn person only - maximum 25 people** 84th Street Group, Use East door, Basement.
Beverly Group Friday 8:00 PMSocial distancing required, please bring your own beverage.
Lighthouse Group Friday 8:00 PMBirthdays last Friday of the month
Beaumaris Lake Meeting Friday 8:00 PMLocated upstairs in the church. Entrance is at the rear North door.
Fulton Place Group Friday 8:00 PMLast Friday of the month is the open meeting.
St Albert Off The Trail Meeting Friday 8:00 PMBraeside Presbyterian Church. Use Bernard Drive entrance. Lots of parking. Closed meeting - AA members only.
Breathe Easy Hybrid Friday 8:00 PMZoom: https://zoom.us/j/265168810?Pwd=425627 Phone: 587-328-1099 In person meetings are ongoing - masks and social distancing required. Enter by back North east door.
Mandate Sober Hybrid Friday 8:00 PMZoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82456090478?pwd=U3NmNlRCMzY5bnA2Wjc4cCtrMm4yUT09 Phone: 1-587-328-1099 PMI: 82456090478 Passcode: 628840 In person meetings at the Unitarian Church at 10804 119 Street. Members like to meet at the Tims on 104 Ave. & 110 St. on Fridays at 7 pm. The Zoom meetings will continue for a short time to ensure everyone has been informed that Normal meetings are on again.
Chapter - Friday Night South Side Hybrid Friday 8:00 PMNotes: OPEN for ALL IN PERSON MEETINGS. South Side Chapter House. North Door Basement. Open meeting 3rd Friday of month. Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/754791561 Phone: 1-587-328-1099
Beaumont Friday Nite Group Friday 8:30 PMIn-person meetings only. We are a 'closed' group with an 'open' meeting held at the end of each month to celebrate milestones.
Happy Hour Meeting Friday 8:30 PMBasement. Open meeting first Friday of month. Concurrent Meeting - AHS protocol in place in person
84th Street Online Friday 9:00 PMZoom: https://zoom.us/j/meetingid8648670500? Phone 1-587-328-1099 Meeting ID 8648670500. No password required.
84th Street 9:30 Meeting Friday 9:30 PMAll 9:30 meetings are now live***MAXIMUM 30 people*** 84th Street Group, Use East door, Basement.

About Meetings

Group meetings can be open or closed. Closed meetings are for A.A. members only, or for those who have a drinking problem and “have a desire to stop drinking.”

Open meetings are available to anyone interested in Alcoholics Anonymous' program of recovery from alcoholism.

Hybrid meetings happen both online and in-person at a physical location.